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Portrait of Kelley King

Kelley is a commercial photographer with over 28 years of photography knowledge. He graduated with an Associate of Applied Arts degree in Commercial Photography from the Art Institute of Seattle in 1988. He is a Southern California freelance photographer working in photo studios and at your location. Specializing in architectural interiors and exteriors and products of all types. Architectural photography has taken him to various places like, The Silicon Valley and surrounding Bay Area, Napa Valley, San Francisco, Sacramento, Fresno, Seattle, Portland, Reno, Las Vegas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Dallas & Phoenix. He has been to these places many times and knows the areas well. Not to mention driving all over Southern California.

It's a digital world. Whether we like it or not, clients demand digital photography. And, high end digital cameras produce excellent digital files. That's why Kelley only uses the best digital SLR camera available. This 22 megapixel Canon camera provides a very large digital file with excellent detail. Which provides excellent digital files for brochure work and large color prints, as well as the web. Kelley also uses Photoshop to create and retouch photos. Many of the architectural photos have been retouched. Removing the ugly in reality is his specialty.

Kelley is a bit of a perfectionist and always strives for the best possible images. You hire a professional because you want professional quality. Anyone can buy a digital camera and shoot a picture. Professionals use the digital camera as a tool. The finished photos are a combination of camera, lens, lighting, composition, exposure and angle of view. And, don't forget the processing. All of his photos are created in the camera raw format and processed by computer to provide the best detail and color possible. Digital cameras don't make the photo, the photographer does.

Kelley King Photography
Southern California, USA