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Rock 'n Metal

Slightly used music CDs for sale at Rock 'n Metal!

The Rock
April Wine Nature of the Beast Music Cd
Van Halen 1984 Music CD
Fleetwood Mac Rumours Music Cd
Rock and Roll, Classic Rock, Hard Rock and some Blues. All from my personal music collection. And all available at better than used music store prices.
The list is long and includes many popular and not so popular bands. Van Halen, Whitesnake, Ted Nugent, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, & Gruntruck just to name a few.
I have shopped many used cd music stores, so I have a good idea what used cds are worth and which are hard to find. Some of mine are common and many are hard to find.

The Metal
NYC Subway colorful graphic photo without people metal print
Unique artistic photo of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge
Metal prints of many unique locations and subjects. Printed directly on a sheet of aluminum, making a very sleek & modern display for any room.
Vivid color, contrast and sharpness printed on high gloss metal prints. Also available on stretched canvas. Delivered to your door, ready to hang, and all with a 30 money back guarantee.
rock and roll music cds fine art metal prints


Maui or Hawaiian Islands Calendar

Spectacular Maui on Display all year long!

Banyan Tree along the Pipiwai Trail, Maui Calendar
Hawaiian Islands 2017 Calendar
Actual page for Novemeber 2017 in the Maui Calendar

Spectacular Maui on display every day of every month in this fine art calendar. Many other choices also.
Customizable for size and date layout. And for a very limited time, get 40% off. Discount Code BLACKFRILOVE 
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Incredible Banyan Tree along the Pipiwai Trail

Incredible Banyan Tree along the Pipiwai Trail

Banyan Tree along the Pipiwai Trail, Eastern Maui, Haleakala National Park
An incredible site, this hidden gem is the first wonder you see along the Pipiwai Trail. After a short distance of typical Maui jungle like scenery, you come across this beauty. The Banyan Tree is native to India, and some time ago, this was planted. Why here is a mystery to me. The giant Banyan in Lahaina, the largest of its kind in Hawaii, was planted to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Protestant Mission in the 1870's. This one is not as old, nor as large, but incredible non the less. The beauty is in it's structure. It has fewer hanging roots and trunks than the Lahaina Banyan, but still incredible, when contrasted by the surrounding jungle growth. Green mossy plants grown on the enormous branches, along with the carvings (vandalism) of many names. This warrior has stood tall long before we arrived and will last long after we are gone.
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Spectacular Maui

Spectacular Maui!

Just updated my web site with my photos from Spectacular Maui. This photo is from the tropical rainforest area on the Northwest corner of Maui, near Napili. The jungle foliage has wildly overgrown the trees, making this an incredible scene, much like you would see in the movies.

tropical rainforest maui hawaii


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